What are SVG Cut Files?

If you are the proud owner of an electronic cutting machine such as a Cricut or Silhouette you may familiar with SVG files.  These cut files will work with your machines and your cutting software to create awesome craft and paper projects. Learn what they are, how to download them where to use them!

What is a SVG Cut File?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic.  It is a two-dimensional XML-based vector image format.

In plain English:  It’s a vector file that will tell your cutting machine where to cut lines and you can scale it (make it larger or smaller) without ruining its structure!

What Programs can Open a SVG File?

I am focusing on SVG files for use with your electronic cutting machines so I am going to focus on Cricut and Silhouette.

Silhouette uses Silhouette Studio and Cricut uses Design Space to edit and design vector images for their respective cutting machines.  Both of these have free versions however only Cricut (free version) can open SVG files.  You need the paid version of Silhouette Software to upload SVG Files.

Where to find SVG Files?

You can find SVG files in many places. Some are offered free, like my whole collection of FREE SVG FILES.  You can also find SVG files for sale in my SHOP.

How to Download a SVG File onto a computer?

I like to create a folder on my computer that I keep all my SVG files together in.  You can organize the best way for you!

SVG Files usually come in .zip files.  This is a “zipped” folder that contains several files inside.  Normally your SVG file along with a few more formats such as .png, .jpg, and .dxf are most common.

When you download the .zip file it will normally go to your “downloads folder”  from there you will unzip the file. You can unzip it in several ways:

  • Select Folder, right-click, select “unzip”
  • Select Folder, in the top toolbar select “share”, select unzip

From here you can move the entire folder to your “SVG Files” folder or you can move the .svg file only.  Whatever you want.  I like to move the whole folder in case I need any of the other files later!