Heat Press Supplies and Accessories

What accessories do I need for my heat press?

This depends a lot upon the types of applications you will want to complete, but a good starting point is a set of print perfect pads for accomodating items with uneven pressing areas (seams, zippers etc.).  I’d also recommend a pad protector for the bottom of the press – this makes it easier to slide garments on and off of the press and saves you from replacing an expensive bottom pad 5 years from now.  Another good thing to have is some form of alignment tool – I’ve always used a perfect transfer tool.  And lastly, you’ll have to have some form of cover sheet – reusable cover    sheets,craft paper and silicone sheets are a few options.  Each cover sheet will leave a slightly different finish on your garment.  Oh – and I recommend one more thing – get a lint roller to keep by your press – this will help to keep unwanted fuzz, lint etc, from getting underneath your transfer.