Silhouette Supplies and Accessories

15 Silhouette Accessories You Need to Get Started

What do you need to get started with you Silhouette Cameo or Portrait? I’ve created a recommended supply lists to cover different experience levels and interests. They include:

1. Cutting Mats

You can never have too many cutting mats. There are ways to prolong the life of your mats but eventually you will need more. And it’s always good to stock up on mats when they’re on sale.

2. Silhouette Cameo Blades

With the release of the Silhouette Cameo 4 came the release of new blades that only work with that machine. So if you are using an older model of the Silhouette Cameo make sure that you check which blades you are buying. You don’t want to accidentally get one that won’t work with your machine.

3. Silhouette Tote Bag

It’s perfect for traveling to craft shows or crafting parties, crops, and for storing your machine while it’s not in use. It has wheels for easy carting and enough room for not only your Silhouette but a laptop, tools, and mat as well.


This is an essential tool if you ever want to work with vinyl or heat transfer vinyl. It will help you weed out (or remove) the unwanted parts of your design. If you decide to invest in any of the starter kits, just be sure to check to see if they come with a hook tool.


Another tool you’ll need if you work with vinyl is the scraper; you use it to smooth out the vinyl and transfer tape. While you can use a credit card as an alternative, now that I have an actual scraper, I much prefer it! It’s not as flimsy. If you decide to invest in any of the starter kits, just be sure to check to see if they come with the scraper, as many do!


This stuff might take the cake for my all-time favorite supply.  It cuts like a dream and is so easy to use!  I can’t sing its praises enough. A variety of colors is always great to have, but I have to say the color I use most is black.


So, if you’re new to the Silhouette, you may not know this yet, but in addition to cutting pretty much any font or image imaginable, your machine can also sketch those designs!  You just replace your blade with a sketch pen (it’s a lot like a gel pen), and let your machine work its wonders.  The glitter and metallic pens are my favorites.

8. Guillotine Cutter

A must have for any serious scrapbooker or paper crafter!  Nothing makes trimming multiple sheets of paper/cardstock/construction paper/cards easier, faster and more precious.  Guillotine cutters come in various sizes for whatever your paper crafting needs may be.

9. Silhouette Roll Feeder

Tired of your vinyl slipping from under the rollers as you cut? The roll feeder fixes that by keeping the vinyl in a perfect line and by taking the weight off the machine which can cause the vinyl to slip. Can be used with both the CAMEO and Portrait.

10. 12″ x 24″ CUTTING MAT

If you’re seriously obsessed, chances are, you’re going to want to cut some designs longer than 12″. I personally really like having a longer cutting mat on hand for moments like those!

11. Assorted Color Vinyl Pack

Who doesn’t need 40 sheets of every color of vinyl imaginable. I love this pack and it comes in both matte and gloss for whichever you prefer. Remember matte is indoor/removable/631 equivalent and glossy is outdoor/permanent/651 equivalent.

12. Silhouette Studio Designer Edition

 The first thing I’d recommend for the serious Silhouette user is the Designer Edition software.  If you want to open, manipulate, and cut svg files, you’re going to need it!


Glass-etching is all the rage these days, and it’s no wonder. You can transform even the simplest piece of glass into a personalized elegant gift using stencil vinyl and etching cream. The Glass Etching Starter Kit has everything you need to see one of these nifty projects through to completion!


For glitter-fanatics like myself, the double-sided adhesive is a fun material to play with, allowing you to create intricate glitter or flocked embellishments. The kit comes with everything you need, including the glitter and flocking powder.


If you like a little bling in your life, then you’ll want to try out the Rhinestone Starter Kit. It takes a bit of patience, but is worth the effort to create some of the cutest onesies you ever did see.