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Eddie Munson (Eddie Munson SVG) was born in 1965 in Hawkins, Indiana. Though his parents were never revealed, his guardian was his paternal uncle, Wayne Munson, and the two of them lived in the town’s Forest Hills Trailer Park. During the 1970s, Eddie attended Hawkins Middle School alongside Chrissy Cunningham. Sometime during their attendance, Hawkins Middle School hosted a talent show in which both Eddie and Chrissy participated.

Eddie was impressed by Chrissy’s cheer-leading while Chrissy fondly remembered Eddie’s rock band, Corroded Coffin. Eventually, the two drifted apart once they began attending Hawkins High School, though Eddie never held animosity towards her. While attending Hawkins High, Eddie led the school’s Dungeons & Dragons club, the Hellfire Club, which was despised by the town due to the rising belief that D&D was connected to the worship of Satan. Despite the rumors, Eddie flourished in the club and found purpose in reaching out to other teenagers who felt like outsiders. His belief in the benefits of being unique and his disdain for social conformity often led to clashes with the popular kids, such as Jason Carver, Chrissy’s boyfriend and a member of the Hawkins High Basketball Team.

Eddie Munson was originally going to graduate in 1984, and again in 1985, but his rebellious streak and poor grades resulted in him being held back, and ultimately led to him despising the school’s principal.

 Eddie Munson SVG Cut Files Stranger Things

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Stranger Things – Eddie

Eddie was a full-on nonconformist metalhead. He was hated by those who didn’t understand him, but loved by those who did. Eddie enjoyed playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends and had considerable knowledge on the game. He was the head of Hellfire Club. Because of his devotion to Dungeons & Dragons, Eddie refused to cancel any campaigns and would require the members of his club to seek out new substitutes to play if a member of the club was unable to attend on any particular evening.

Eddie struggled in school, likely due to his eccentric personality rather than low intelligence, and was implied to have bad grades in his classes. In spite of this, Eddie was still determined to graduate by 1986. He had knowledge of drug use, for which he was sought out, but could be friendly enough to offer a discount.

Eddie was also noted to harbor a dislike towards popular groups, such as the Hawkins High basketball team and its captain, Jason Carver. Despite this, Eddie was very kind towards Chrissy Cunningham, a popular cheerleader and Jason’s girlfriend, implying he was fundamentally a good-hearted person and was likely responding to the demonization of his favorite game. Additionally, he was quick to frustration and irritation, but for the most part, could get along with those outside his immediate group of friends.

He was shown to have a passion for music ever since he had begun playing the guitar, recognizing and making rock and metal references that others didn’t understand, such as to Steve Harrington. His references are often used to figure out the situations around him. Eddie expressed his passions through his style and room.

Eddie had a tendency to avoid direct conflict as he was extremely horrified when Chrissy and Patrick McKinney were killed by Vecna, causing him to run away from the crime scenes and become a suspect in their murders. However, when those closest to him were in danger, Eddie was willing to come to their rescue. In an effort to buy the Party more time in attacking Vecna, Eddie sacrificed himself to draw the Demobats away, and made Dustin promise to look after any more outcasts at Hawkins High School before dying in Dustin’s arms

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